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To Cure A Rose Foundation Intro
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Fighting for children like Rose.

We develop therapeutics for children with rare genetic diseases, and we need your help.

To Cure a Rose Foundation began in 2021 after Casey McPherson's daughter, Rose, was diagnosed with an ultra-rare genetic disease: HNRNPH2. Rose lost her ability to talk, walking is difficult, and she continues to retreat into a world away from her family. Rose and many are others are on a clock, so we are racing to a cure.

Currently, treatments for Rose, and millions of other children, cannot be developed by our current healthcare system due to lack of profit.


We are developing a genetic treatment for Rose's disease -- but Rose is just the beginning. We are building a pipeline to develop genetic treatments faster and more sustainably than ever before. 


We estimate five children with a rare genetic disease die every minute.

Calculations based on National Institutes of Health Data (source)

400 Million

People living with a rare disease worldwide.


Of those people are children.


Unique rare diseases - most of which are genetic.


Of those diseases do not have an approved cure or treatment

Our Mission

To Cure a Rose Foundation brings genetic treatments to children with debilitating rare diseases, many associated with autism.

We are focused on funding and bringing together determined researchers and promising technology to create a brighter future for children like Rose.

Give the gift of Hope.

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